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The Advisory Relationship: To enhance the customer experience, the founders of BASH instituted client-oriented procedures. We believe that it was seemingly impossible to manage a client’s assets without having a keen understanding of their objectives, concerns, and circumstances. With that in mind, we adopted the Investment Planning Approach from the CFA Institute that provides for a deeper analytical approach to asset management. For years, institutions and high-net-worth individuals experienced the most analytical of investment management tools.

At BASH Capital, we built a proprietary asset management platform that allows for management of assets across a wide spectrum. Our Chief Investment Officer, who is a CFA Charter holder, manages 15 Core Investment models, ranging in time horizons and risk parameters. In addition, we created satellite models allowing our clients to participate in active investment management models. These satellite sleeves are designed to tilt portfolios towards desired industries, objectives, or individual companies, possessing qualities investors seek.

Portfolio construction and management is the result of recorded agreements between the investor and the investment manager. The analysis is documented in the investment plan and provides guidance for consistent, informed decision-making. Therefore, in this Investment plan we spell out all constraints and objectives, followed by the recommended composite asset allocation.

Constraints are to identify areas needing awareness or planning. We analyze the following constraints in order to help determine the two objectives: Risk Tolerance and Return Objective.

  • Time Horizon
  • Taxes
  • Liquidity
  • Legal Concerns
  • Unique Circumstances.

BASH believes that more than just the ultra high-net-worth deserve the type of investment advice that only few receive. “We are determined to work with clients to uncover their deepest feelings towards investing, the true quantitative abilities of our clients to take on risks, based on constraints. Ultimately, it’s about the concluded ability and willingness of our clients to take on risk.

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