Most investors do not have a solid system in place to pay themselves first. They do not have the time and experience to put together a detailed plan. Without a solid foundation, investors are inhibited from making important financial decisions and try to catch up later. Consequently, the absence of a strong plan prevents them from maximizing the probability of successfully achieving goals.

Planning Process

  • A thorough discussion around your short and long term goals with an emphasis on a detailed understanding of how our clients feel and prioritize their goals.
  • Detailed data gathering using multiple tools in on our technology platform as well as use of organized workbooks for listings of assets, liabilities, income, expenses, insurance contracts, estate documents, and more. Our technology makes this seamless.
  • Review a current assessment of your plan providing a base line for clients to see where they are starting when beginning to plan. It’s here where we clearly illustrate the accurate progress towards goals empowering clients with the understanding to make decisions.
  • Delivering a customized plan to help our clients meet their short and long term goals and helping clients navigate the process of implementation and ongoing client service.

The finalization of a financial analysis is the start of a journey towards achieving financial goals.


  • Working through a comprehensive approach looking at all aspects of a client’s financial situation, we strive to maximize discretionary cash flow that could be used to help achieve goals. Some useful tools we often review with clients is the power of compounding interest and liability management to help efficiently pay off all loans.
  • Taxes are a major burden clients face and often struggle between understanding how to minimize their current taxes and how to plan for their future. We work with clients through a tax-controlled structure enabling strategies to diversify the taxation of investments. The objective is to help clients maximize their wealth and keep the most amount of capital in their family.
  • We work with strategic partners including lawyers, accountants, and real estate professionals to complement our holistic approach. These relationships save our clients time and provide the expertise needed to solidify their plan.
  • Debunk the “financial fog” to gain a better understanding of your finances. We spend as much time empowering clients with financial knowledge as we do teaching best practices to our financial advisors. The fog subsides with clarity and vision from an efficient and effective financial plan.
LPL Financial does not provide tax advice. Clients should consult with their personal tax advisors regarding the tax consequences of investing.
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Matthew Bagell, CPA


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