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“In today’s financial environment, investors are falling behind due to lack of guidance and financial planning. According to the findings from Northwestern Mutual’s 2019 Planning and Progress Study, 92% of U.S. adults aged 18+ agree that nothing makes them happier or more confident in life than when their finances are in order. Despite these feelings, more than six out of 10 Americans (62%) say their financial planning needs improvement.”

The working family does not have a sound system in place to pay themselves first while resting easy knowing their goals are being planned for. With limited time and experience to put a detailed plan in place, the probability of successfully achieving goals is reduced without specialized advice. “A solid foundation gives investors peace of mind for what the future holds in terms of unexpected emergencies or opportunities. A well thought out analysis with purposeful and reliable assumptions gives investors clarity on changes needed to increase the probability of success.

BASH Capital implements a dual methodology in order to provide the most complete advice. Quantitative analysis reviews a client’s ability to take on risk by reviewing the data within a financial plan. Specific data points we focus on to measure this ability are the asset base, designated time horizon, liquidity measurements, or other tangible aspects that affect a client’s abilities to invest or take risk.

While a financial plan often illustrates a clients financial situations from a statistical perspective, we at BASH observe advisors neglecting the equally important part of planning, which is behavioral finance. Using a detailed qualitative approach, we take the time to fully understand a client’s emotions and cognitive biases. Having conversations with client’s on their history or investing experience, while also making keen observations from past ownership of assets, gives us an understanding of a client’s willingness to take on risk in investing.


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